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Koji OS koristite na mobitelu (smartphoneu)?



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Internet pojmovi, skraćenice ili kratice

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Internet pojmovi, skraćenice ili kratice Empty Internet pojmovi, skraćenice ili kratice

Postaj by Mato on uto oľu 15, 2011 11:56 am

Internet pojmovi, skraćenice ili kratice Internetpojmovi

Za sve početnike koji se prvi puta susreću sa Internet pojmovima, skraćenicama ili kraticama
>> ACK Acknowledgement
>> ARP Address Resolution Protocol
>> ARPANET Advanced Research Projects Agency Network
>> ASL Age / Sex / Location?
>> ANSI American National Standards Institute
>> ADSL Asymetric Digital Subscriber Line
>> ATM Asynchronous Transfer Mode
>> ATMARP Atm Address Resolution Protocol
>> AUI Attachment Unit Interface
>> AFK Away From Keyboard (I Am Gone For A Few Minutes)
>> BER Basic Encoding Rules (Asn.1)
>> BRI Basic Rate Interface
>> BRB Be Right Back
>> BOM Begining Of Message
>> BIP Bit Interleaved Parity
>> bps Bits Per Second
>> BGP Border Gateway Protocol
>> BPDU Bridge Protocol Data Unit
>> BSS Broadband Switching System
>> BTW By The Way
>> BFN Bye For Now
>> Bye4now Bye For Now
>> CSU Channel Service Unit
>> CLIP Classical Ip
>> CIP Classical Ip Over Atm
>> Codec Coder/Decoder
>> CIX Commercial Internet Exchange
>> CCS Common Channel Signaling
>> CCSS7 Common Channel Signaling System 7
>> CEC Common Equipment Card
>> CMIP Common Management Information Protocol
>> CAC Connection Admission Control
>> CEI Connection Endpoint Identifier (Uni 3.0)
>> CCITT Consultative Committee On International Telephone And Telegraph (Now Itu)
>> CMYK Cyan, Magneta, Yelow, Black
>> DCC Data Country Code
>> DXI Data Exchange Interface
>> DLCI Data Link Connection Identifier
>> DLC Data Link Control
>> DSU Data Service Unit
>> DTE Data Terminal Equipment
>> DTL IE Designated Transit List Information Ethernet
>> DSAP Destination Service Access Point
>> DAT Digital Audio Tape
>> DXI Digital Exchange Interface
>> DMS Digital Multiplex System
>> DS0 Digital Signal (Level 0)
>> DSL Digital Subscriber Line
>> DSLAM Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer
>> D/A Digital To Analog Conversion
>> DVMA Direct Virtual Memory Access
>> DNS Domain Name Service
>> DIP Dual In Line Package Switch
>> DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
>> EDI Electronic Data Interchange
>> ELAN Emulated Lan (Atm Forum Lane)
>> EOM End Of Message
>> ESI End System Identifier
>> ESF Extended Super Frame
>> EGP External (Exterior) Gateway Protocol
>> FMV Fair Market Value (For Selling Items Online)
>> FO Fiber Optics
>> FTP File Transfer Protocol
>> FIFO First In, Frst Out
>> FEC Forward Error Correction
>> FCS Frame Check Sequence
>> FD Frame Discard
>> FR Frame Relay
>> Gbps Gigabit Per Second
>> GAN Global Area Network
>> BIO Going For Bio Break (Washroom Break)
>> GG Good Game
>> GUI Graphical User Interface
>> HZ Hertz
>> HSCSD High Speed Circuit Switched Data
>> HDLC High Speed Data Link Control
>> HSSI High Speed Serial Interface
>> HDSL Highbitrate Digital Subscriber Line
>> HTML Hypertext Markup Language
>> HTTP Hypertext Transfer Protocol
>> ITSFWI If The Shoe Fits, Wear It!
>> IBTL In Before The Lock
>> IMHO In My Humble Opinion
>> IMHO In My Humble Opinion
>> IMNSHO In My Not So Humble Opinion
>> IRL In Real Life
>> IDP Initial Domain Part
>> I/O Input/Output
>> IDN Integrated Digital Network
>> ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network
>> IN Intelligent Network
>> IPI Intelligent Peripheral Interface
>> IDRP Inter Domain Routing Protocol
>> IDU Interface Data Unit (Uni 3.0)
>> IGP Internal (Interior) Gateway Protocol
>> IGRP Internal (Interior) Gateway Routing Protocol
>> ISO International Standards Organization
>> ITU International Telecommunications Union (Formerly Ccitt)
>> IAB Internet Activities Board
>> IANA Internet Assigned Numbers Authority
>> ICMP Internet Control Message Protocol
>> IESG Internet Engineering Steering Group
>> IGMP Internet Group Management Protocol
>> IPX Internet Packet Exchange
>> IP Internet Protocol
>> ISP Internet Service Provider
>> ISOC Internet Society
>> ISSI Interswitching System Interface
>> IDSL Isdn Digital Subscriber Line
>> JPEG Joint Photographic Experts Group
>> Kbps Kilo Bits Per Second
>> KHz Kilohertz
>> LANE Lan Emulation (Atm Forum)
>> LEC Lan Emulation Client Or Local Exchange Carrier
>> LECS Lan Emulation Configuration Server
>> LES Lan Emulation Server
>> LUNI Lan Emulation Uni
>> LIFO Lastin, Firstout
>> LOL Laughing Out Loud
>> LSB Least Significant Bit
>> LTE Line Terminating Equipment
>> LAPB Link Access Protocol Bchannel
>> LAN Local Area Network
>> LIS Logical Ip Subnet
>> LLC Logical Link Control
>> MDF Main Distribution Frame
>> MAC Media Access Control
>> Mbps Megabits (Millions Of Bits) Per Second
>> MID Message Identifier
>> MAN Metropolitan Area Network
>> MT Mistell
>> MSB Most Significant Bit
>> MJPEG Motion Jpeg
>> MPEG Motion Picture Experts Group
>> MCS Multicast Server
>> MBONE Multimedia Backbone
>> NAU Network Access Unit
>> NETBIOS Network Basic Input/Output System
>> NCC Network Control Center
>> NDIS Network Driver Interface Specification
>> NE Network Element
>> NIC Network Interface Card
>> NIU Network Interface Unit
>> NIWF Network Interworking Function
>> NLPID Network Layer Protocol Id
>> NSAP Network Layer Service Access Point
>> NM Network Management
>> NMCC Network Management Control Center
>> NME Network Management Entity
>> NML Network Management Layer
>> NMS Network Management Station
>> NNI Network To Network Interface
>> NWT New With Tags (For Selling Items Online)
>> NWOT New Without Tags (For Selling Items Online)
>> NHRP Next Hop Resolution Protocol
>> NHS Next Hop Server
>> NP No Problem/You'Re Welcome
>> OMG Oh My GOD
>> KK or K Ok
>> OOAK One Of A Kind (For Selling Items Online)
>> ODI Open Data Link Interface
>> ONA Open Network Architecture
>> OS Operating System
>> OOF Out Of Frame
>> PMSL P*Ssing Myself Laughing (A Common Uk Expression)
>> PMSL P*Ssing Myself Laughing (A Common Uk Expression)
>> PAD Packet Assembler/Disassembler
>> PDU Packet Data Unit
>> PING Packet Internet Groper
>> PAP Password Authentication Protocol
>> PVCC Permanent Virtual Channel Connection
>> PVPC Permanent Virtual Path Connection
>> POSSLQ Person Of Opposite Sex, Sharing Living Quarters
>> PCN Personal Communications Network
>> PLCP Physical Layer Convergence Protocol
>> POTS Plain Old Telephone Service
>> PLZ Please
>> PMP Point To Multipoint
>> PPP Point To Point Protocol
>> POPS Points Of Presence
>> PTT Post, Telephone, And Telegraph
>> PRI Primary Rate Interface
>> PBX Private Branch Exchange
>> PD Propagation Delay
>> PDU Protocol Data Unit
>> PID Protocol Identifier
>> PSTN Public Switched Telephone Network
>> PCM Pulse Code Modulation
>> QFT Quoted For Truth (A Compliment To Another Person On The Forum)
>> RF Radio Frequency
>> RTFM Read The F
>> RTFM Read The F***Ing Manual (To Show Frustration At Someone'S Ignorance Of Basic Knowledge)
>> RTM Read The Manual
>> RL Real Life
>> RGB Red - Green - Blue
>> RMON Remote Monitoring
>> ROFLMAO Roll On Floor Laughing My A** Off
>> ROFL Rolling On Floor Laughing
>> ROFLMAO Rolling On Floor Laughing My A*S Off
>> RIP Routing Information Protocol
>> CYA See Ya
>> CUL8R See You Later
>> SLIP Serial Line Ip
>> SAP Service Access Point
>> SDU Service Data Unit
>> STP Shielded Twisted Pair
>> SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
>> SNMP Simple Network Management Protocol
>> SCSI Small Computer Systems Interface
>> SA Source Address
>> SFD Start Of Frame Delimiter
>> SMDS Switched Multimegabit Data Service
>> SS Switching System
>> SDLC Synchronous Data Link Control
>> SDH Synchronous Digital Hierarchy
>> SONET Synchronous Optical Network
>> SCP System Control Processor
>> SNA Systems Network Architecture
>> TTFN Ta Ta For Now
>> TTYL Talk To You Later
>> TTYL Talk To You Later
>> Tbps Terabits Per Second
>> TA Terminal Adapter
>> TY Thank You
>> THX Thanks
>> TX Thanks
>> TNX Thanks
>> TLD Top Level Domain
>> TACS Total Access Communications System
>> TM Traffic Management
>> TCP Transmission Control Protocol
>> TCP/IP Transmission Control Protocol/>Internet Protocl
>> TFTP Trivial File Transfer Protocol
>> UPS Uninterruptable Power Supply
>> UTP Unshielded Twisted Pair
>> VIC Video Conferencing
>> VDT Video Display Terminal
>> VCC Virtual Channel Connection
>> VLAN Virtual Lan
>> VPN Virtual Private Network
>> VTOA Voice And Telephony Over Atm
>> VoIP Voice Over Ip
>> WIBAMU Well, I'Ll Be A Monkey'S Uncle!
>> W/E Whatever
>> WAN Wide Area Network
>> WipLL Wireless Internet Protocol Local Loop
>> WWW World Wide Web

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